Over 35 million people are estimated to live in Modern Slavery globally.”
— Global Slavery Index
Hi.  I'm Nick.  I learned first-hand about modern day slavery when I was on a community service trip this past year in Bolivia.   One of the kids I was working with at the local school told me about his brother who he missed terribly because his parents let him go to make money.  That was when I knew I needed to take a stand--this little boy's story really touched me as I saw the sadness in his eyes.  I am sure his brother was sold into slavery along with the estimated 23,000 people in Modern Day Slavery in Bolivia.

let's take a stand

My Mission

My goal with the "Stop Traffic" social media campaign and this site is to help raise awareness of the issue of modern day slavery and inspire other kids to raise awareness at their own schools, churches or other organizations so we can truly make slavery a thing of the past.

There are an estimated 100,000 kids involved in sex-trafficking in the US alone each year.