Child Rescue Association

Latest Program

The Child Rescue Association of North America’s latest efforts have been to fundraise for a future rescue mission. In Fall of 2015, Child Rescue is headed to Latin America for an Undercover Rescue Mission where they hope to not only save more children, but also bring more traffickers to justice. Their team of ex-special operations and intelligence personnel will be partnering with local governments to rescue trafficking victims, some even under the age of ten, from sex traffickers who are abusing them right now. Then they’ll be placed in aftercare facilities where they will be given the opportunity for a successful future and a happy life. Having been successful in their last mission to South America where ten children were rescued and four traffickers were arrested, they just need to complete their fundraising efforts. With only $15k left to raise, they are three quarters of the way there.  Let's make this happen!  If we can get just 15K people to donate even $1 each--we're there!

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