Modern Day Slavery is one of the biggest human rights violations of our time.  In fact, it is actually one of the leading organized crimes.  It's estimated that this is a $32 Billion---yes Billion dollar business.

Even though slavery has been banned across the globe, there are more estimated slaves now than in history....the GSI reports over 35 Million globally.

Sadly, with many of the goods we buy we are unknowingly supporting this trade.  Sure, we don't hear about the big brands we buy from employing slaves....but they are sourcing these products from small suppliers globally that are hiring slaves to do their work.

Many of these workers are forced to work grueling hours with little to no pay.  Many of them are children....who are even being forced to put their lives at risk.  I recently saw a story about how kids are being used to go down and untangle fish nets and are dying because they get stuck in the nets and end up drowning.

Many women and children are being exploited for sex and forced into incredibly abusive situations...situations that many of us can't even envision.

I encourage you to visit our Resources page and learn more about this topic.  Once you do, you will certainly want to take a stand.

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